Come along to an Arafmi workshop to build your skills and learn some tips for you in your caring role.

Grief and Beyond

76 Merthyr Rd, New Farm (View on map)

Everyday impacts of a variety of losses on carers and their loved ones are often just under the radar of awareness yet have profound emotional effects. In this workshop we talk about a less-commonly understood type of grief that carers experience where there is no finality, or community acknowledgement or rituals to support their grieving process. Also we focus on coping strategies and the transforming power of grief.

Bouncing Back - Building Resilience

76 Merthyr Rd, New Farm (View on map)

This workshop is designed to help carers understand resilience – what it is and how to strengthen it. ‘Bouncing back’ is redefined to ‘bouncing forward.’ We personalise strategies to enhance resilience and let go of past hurts. We examine factors that contribute to the stresses of caring and how they can be managed.

Let's Talk about Suicide

76 Merthyr Rd, New Farm (View on map)

In this workshop we discuss suicide myths and facts, factors that influence suicidal behaviour, risk and protective factors, warning signs and helpful responses. We also consider emergency plans and other plans to keep loved ones safe. Also there is a focus on hope for the carer and how they can impart hope to the person with the mental health issue.

Fit for Caring

76 Merthyr Rd, New Farm (View on map)

This workshop is designed to give participants an opportunity to look at their own needs, discuss the impact of the caring role and explore self-care strategies to ensure good emotional health and general well-being.

Understanding and Supporting Recovery

76 Merthyr Rd, new Farm (View on map)

The recovery approach to mental illness is about helping a person take control of his/her own life. This workshop assists carers in understanding recovery based practice and care. It offers suggestions on how carers can avoid common pitfalls and how to best support their loved ones on their journey of recovery.

Coping Skills for Carers

76 Merthyr Road, New Farm (View on map)

A workshop designed to look at a broad range of issues that Mental Health Carers confront such as communicating with someone who is unwell, providing support to someone with mental health challenges, coping with difficult behaviour and understanding the symptoms of the major mental illnesses.

Effective Communication

76 Merthyr Road, New Farm, 4005, QLD (View on map)

This workshop covers useful communication skills and specific strategies for communicating with someone who experiences psychosocial issues. Participants are encouraged to practice these skills at the workshop.

The Power of Personal Boundaries

76 Merthyr Rd, New Farm (View on map)

Boundaries protect us, put us in charge of our own lives, promote healthy relationships, promote independence and reduce stress and conflict. In this workshop we explore indicators to set a boundary, how and why we sabotage our efforts and practice the steps to set healthy boundaries.

Dual Diagnosis - Mental Illness and Substance Use

76 Merthyr Road, New Farm (View on map)

Carers explore possible reasons for using substances; helpful and unhelpful responses; when their loved one may be most receptive to change; strategies for coping and the importance of self-care.

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It is important to register for workshops so that we have an idea of numbers for resources and catering for morning tea. Cost is a voluntary donation of $5 for mental health carers and $15 to others. Workshops are generally held at New Farm, Brisbane and occasionally for groups of carers in regional areas of Queensland.

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